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New Year Reflections: four months in Germany

Auf Wiedersehen Mannheim. Hello Toronto. Aaaand, bonjour Ottawa! Happy New Year! I meant to publish this before Christmas and all the holiday business. But, between road trips, Christmas dinners, and jet-lag, I haven't had time to sit down and reflect, and think "This is Canada, eh?" until now. Finally settling into my new apartment in Ottawa, and… Continue reading New Year Reflections: four months in Germany

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Reflections in Europe: On identity

“There are Chinese tourists everywhere.” (said in that specific tone of concealed disgust and eyerolling, sometimes mild amazement at the sheer number of tourists who look/come from China) A phrase I grew up hearing, well, everywhere, and a phrase I’ve always tried to make sure can’t apply to me whenever I travel. Most of my… Continue reading Reflections in Europe: On identity


3 day trips in 3 days: Schwetzingen, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg

Classes are going full speed now, but it still feels a bit like I'm on vacation. Considering I only have 1h30 for each of the six classes I'm taking per week (9 hours in total), and I don't have any classes at all on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays... It's pretty close to an actual vacation.… Continue reading 3 day trips in 3 days: Schwetzingen, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg

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First week in Germany!

Halloooo Zusammen! Today marks the start of my second week in Germany and the end of my fun filled, but never-ending, first seven days in Mannheim. I'll be here for another four months (internal screaming). I left Toronto from Pearson Airport in sweater weather clothing, and arrived in Frankfurt at noon the following day to sweltering,… Continue reading First week in Germany!